Syn's War

The fall of heroes.

They had hoped that their numbers would provide extra protection during their journeys. But it may have caused them to lower their guard.

They had finished exploring a cavern system that had taken many days and they had finally reached the entrence into the mountain. It was here that they met with the ambush. A deep purple dragon emerged from behind the facade of a cavern wall. Its strikes were well calculated and executed efficiently. It placed its large left claw upon the cleric, Salias, and pinned her to the ground. It simultainiously struck through the wall with its tail and pierced the side of the wizard, Xylious. Holding his side, the wizard staggered a few steps away from the dragon and fell to one knee.

The rest of the group began to engage the dragon as raptors began rushing in from the tunnels behind. This left the hired help and the guards to deal with the massive number of lizards that were blocking their retreat. Kyo, responded quickly, letting loose a barrage of arrows as the elf Yvain drew his blades and danced up onto the back of the beast, leaving gashes as he moved. Salias, though pinned, sent a surge of negative energy into the dragon’s left claw. The dwarf, Ulgosh, entered a rage at seeing Salias pinned and struck soundly against the pinning claw. Despite the massive damage inflicted by these two, the dragon refused to yield its grip. Lowering its head, the dragon readied to lash out with its breath weapon upon the tunnels themselves. But Herger would have none of that as he swung upward against the face of the dragon. The bolts of electricity flew upward aginast the ceiling of the cavern, seemingly causing the entire mountain to shiver. Stalactites began to loosen and fall around the cavern. Kyo dashed as skillfully as he could as the ceiling above him began to tumble down around him, but it was more than he could handle. Xylious looked up at the rubble where his companion once was and arose to his feet. “Enough.” The resolve in his voice matched his form as metal envoloped his entire body.

Ulgosh let out a mighty roar as he severed the weakened claw from the dragon, freeing Salias from its grip. But the dragon returned the favor with a quick whip of its tail, striking through the back of the dwarf’s armor. And for a moment, the heroes felt hope, but it would soon be dashed as the dragon swooped in with its maw and bit upon the prone cleric. Ulgosh’s fervor returned again at the sight but it was to no avail, the dragon had a fierce grip on Salias. Now all felt a sense of urgency, they had to act quickly less the worst was to happen. But it was all for naught as the dragon slowly lowered its head.

Salias let out a terrified scream as she locked gaze as she and the dragon locked eyes with Xylious. The scent of ionized air and crumbling rocks was all that seemed to remain of the cleric and wizard after the dragon let loose its mighty breath. Once again the cavern shook and stactites continued to fall.

Herger could feel the situation becoming hopeless. He looked to his left, the exit of the cavern was not far. He could escape. And if he was of a lower moral standing, he may have. But he faught now with greater fervor as he struck hard against the dragon’s claws and teeth. Ulgosh continued to swing at the dragon’s scales, but his swings seemed less powerful. And it was truely Yvain that proved to be the dragon’s greatest threat at the moment. And it knew it.

Yvain continued to make it up the dragon’s back, constantly being buffeted by the dragon’s wings. And in a split moment could sense immense danger behind him. The dragon was attempting to strike at his back with its tail. Reacting as quickly as possible, Yvain dodge the greater part of the strike and returned the favor with a powerful swing of his blades. The severed tail flew back across the cavern as the dragon roared in pain.

Ulgosh and Herger did their best to strike effectively at the beast, but it proved to be too powerful for just the two of them. Again, the dragon lashed out with its maw hoping to grasp the paladin between it’s teeth. Successful in its attempt, the dragon grinned at the dwarf. Herger tried to tell the dwarf to run, but Ulgosh would have none of it. Running head long at the dragon, the dwarf swung his axe in attempt to loosen the dragon’s grip. Yvain could do nothing but watch as the last two of his companions were washed away in a wave of electricity. He looked back toward the collapsing tunnel as the hired help ran out of it for safety and knew what he had to do.

Nearly loosing his footing, Yvain finally made it to the head of the dragon as he sunk one of his scimitars into the hide of the beast. Using the exposed hilt as a harness to keep from falling. The dragon flailed to remove the elf from his back, but Yvain proved to be too dextrious. Reaching into his belt pouch, he pulled out a small flask then smashed it upon the face of the dragon. The dragon let out a screech as the potion entered its wounds and reeled about in pain. Yvain then let go of the hilt and tumbled out a safe distance, but couldn’t find the strength to rise to his feet. Looking back at the six behind him he yelled, “Finish it!”

And finish it they did. Each was surprised at the effectiveness of their own attacks, but knew they had no time to question how it was possible. It was Cyrano who dealt the final blow, sending shards of bone and scales splintering from the face of the dragon.

For a moment, the survivors took a breather. The tunnel behind them had collapsed fully and the exit was now guarded by a dead dragon, they had won. But without warning, all were struck by a great sense of evil. Fear gripped them all as the head of the dragon shifted and the remains of the left revealed a yellow orb with black swirls. None of them could move as the dragon’s mouth began to open wide, wider then it ever could in life. A high pitched piercing sound entered their minds, as if bypassing their ears. They dropped to their knees and covered their ears, hoping to dull the pain and sound, but it did not. The pain was too much, soon they could take it no more and their world turned dark.


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